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Social media is in the process of changing internet communications in seemingly every way possible, including the development of reputation management strategies. In order for these new strategies to be successful it is imperative that businesses first develop an understanding of how social media works and what it takes to maximize the benefits from this powerful medium.

If you are just getting started with incorporating social media into your reputation management initiatives, here are three tips that can help to get your campaign out of the gates quickly and optimize your results:
1) Work only on the social media platforms that complement your business model – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are extremely powerful in terms of how social signals from them influence search engine rankings. That being said, this power shouldn’t be the main determining factor in deciding the sites that will be included in your reputation management campaign. If your business can benefit by messaging via video, setting up a YouTube channel to provide a central location for your suite of videos makes sense. If video falls short in terms of introducing your business, products, etc., then YouTube will not deliver results commensurate with the resources that your business would use to develop a presence there. In short, incorporate only the social media sites that provide the best platform for conveying your message to your market.
2) Be consistent in your creation of content – The search engines love the consistent creation of high value content that gets shared out to a widening social media audience, whether it’s in a text, video, or image format. One caveat, be consistent but don’t go crazy with tons of content that goes out every day.
3) Research the keywords that will give you the most bang for the buck – Your business will have specific keywords that a high number of consumers use to search for your business, products, and/or services. Be sure to incorporate these keywords in your page names as well as the titles and descriptions of your text and visual content.

In many ways, businesses are just scratching the surface in terms of harnessing the power of and the opportunities available in social media networks. This means that, while employing these tactics to execute a successful reputation management campaign, businesses can also experience benefits in SEO, client acquisition, and their bottom line.

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